Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just Thinking

I took a day trip yesterday and the ride was long, much longer than I remember. It turned out to be a trip of deep thought....thoughts of how far I've come since I made the decision to pursue my passion full time. None of it could have been done without the support of my family. I also thought about my customers. I am always honored when someone chooses one of my pieces or commissions me, out of the thousands and thousands of artists out there, to make something for them. It doesn't matter if its the smallest piece I make or the biggest, they all receive the same amount of attention to the choosing, cutting, foiling, grinding and soldering of the glass. Trust in my ability to bring someone's vision to life is part of what drives me to do my best in what I do. I'm just very grateful to have supporting people in my life, including in my business. Thank you.