Saturday, June 19, 2010

Judith Jamison Stained Glass Panel

This Judith Jamison panel has been in the making for about three years. I was inspired to make it after seeing a segment on PBS on Alvin Ailey. From there, I went to the library, and while looking through several books on dance, this image spoke to me. I copied the page, brought it home and studied it for a few days.

I used the Dragonfly stained glass software program to develop the initial drawings as you can see in the first few frames of the video. If you work in stained glass, this program is one of the best to have. I use it for most of my design work but nothing beats picking up a pencil and sketching. After playing with several color choices, blue seemed the best choice. I guess I was in one of my blue color moods during that period.

So, after out vending for over a year and not having time to do anything else but produce product for shows, here she is, finally finished.

This panel was truly a joy to create and now she is part of the family until she has to go live in someone else's home.


Pat said...

Love the feeling of dance in this piece. xx

Angela said...

Thank you Pat.

Miss Val's Creations said...

She is gorgeous!

Sadia said...

A Beautiful piece Angela! Very soothing and excellent flow!

Elizabeth said...

Absolutely lovely - you have captured the movement and beauty and aliveness of Jamison so well! Well done!

Liralen said...

Wow - instantly recognisable as Judith Jamison. I love it.